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Missed Your Local Passport Day? What To Do Next

It’s passport season again! Across the country, post offices, libraries and passport agencies are holding special after-hours “Passport Day” events, making it easy and convenient to apply for a new passport. Is there one near you?

Passport Days 2015: Upcoming Events

Location: Richmond, VA

Main Post Office, 1801 Brook Road

Richmond, VA 23232

The main post office in Richmond is celebrating Halloween with a Passport Fair from 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday, October 31st.

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Did You Miss Passport Day? No Problem!

March 10th was the Department of State’s fourth annual “Passport Day in the USA” event, and by all accounts it was a smashing success. Passport offices around the country pulled out all the stops to make applying for a passport more convenient, less costly and even more fun.

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Submit Your Passport Application Without an Appointment

If you need a passport and you’re having trouble finding the time to turn your passport application in, mark your calendar for Saturday, March 10. That’s when the Department of State will be holding the 4th annual “Passport Day in the USA” to encourage busy Americans to apply for passports.

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Need to Get a Passport? Passport Day is Later This Month!

The Department of State just announced that it will celebrating “Passport Day in the USA” later on this month, providing citizens with an opportunity to submit their passport applications during special Saturday hours  at regional passport agency offices and passport acceptance facilities around the country.

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