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Why Jermaine Jackson Can’t Renew His Passport

Poor Jermaine Jackson. He's stuck in Burkina Faso with an expired passport. Well, actually, it's difficult to pity the man-the only reason he can't get it replaced is that he owes almost $100,000 in child support. From TMZ: "Here's what we know. In May 2008, Jermaine's baby mama Alejandra got a child support order, requiring him to pay $3,000 a month. Jermaine went into arrears almost immediately and, as of last month, he owed $91,921." Apparently, in 2010 the California DMV repo'd his driver's license due to the unpaid debts. But they didn't take his passport, and since it was still valid, Mr. Jackson decided to jet off to sunny Burkina Faso. Unfortunately for him, he didn't check the expiration date and it expired while he was there. Now, since he owes more than $2,500 in child