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Get an Expedited Passport to Watch the Tour De France

It’s July 4th, and while most Americans are setting off fireworks,drinking beer and gorging themselves on hamburgers, hot dogs and potato chips, in France a very different scene is unfolding.  The Tour de France began today in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This grueling race will not end until July 23rd  in Bordeaux, France. During this time, according to Wikipedia, the riders will climb “the equivalent of three Everests.” 

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Expedited Passports in Philadelphia

According to the US Department of State, it usually takes about 6-8 weeks to process a passport application and issue a new passport. But what if you can’t wait?  There are lots of reasons you could need an expedited passport; anything from a sudden unexpected international trip to a passport that isn’t where it was last time you checked.

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How To Get an Expedited Passport for your Adopted Child

Adopting a child is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, it can be a rather bureaucratic process even under the best of circumstances. Compared to biological parents, adoptive parents often have to deal with an extra layer of red tape, especially if they adopted their child from overseas.

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