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Get an Emergency Passport to use JetBlue Business Travel Pass

Could your business benefit from some face-to-face networking with clients that are far away? JetBlue is offering you the opportunity to score some face time with clients both inside and outside of the US. The airline’s new $599 unlimited travel pass gets you unlimited flights to and from any city JetBlue flies to between September 8th and October 8th.

With the travel pass, you can visit clients across the country as well as clients in Canada, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean.

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What To Bring When You Apply For An Emergency Passport

Hopefully, you’ll never find yourself scrambling to get an emergency passport before a trip. However, sometimes bad things happen to good people. You could lose your passport right before an international trip or get called out of the country to deal with a sudden emergency.

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What to Do If You Need an Emergency Passport

Currently, the US government recommends that you allow at least 3 weeks to receive a passport using normal passport processing. If you pay extra for the government’s expedited service and use overnight shipping for your application, in most cases you’ll have your new passport within 2 weeks.

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