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Renew Your Passport Now To See Rome’s Archaeological Treasures

Is a visit to the Eternal City on your bucket list? Take note: the New York Times is reporting that this fall is a particularly good time to go. That’s because o Dr. Roberto Cecchi, Rome’s new Archaeological Commissioner, has made it a point to both restore and restore access to archaeological treasures that were previously closed to the public. For example, through October 2nd, the Colosseum now has extended Saturday hours and is open until midnight.

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The Top 5 Most Romantic Cities to Visit With Your US Passport

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. In honor of the annual love-fest, why not plan a trip to one of the romantic cities described below? Each of the cities below is famous for having a romantic atmosphere that makes falling in love seem effortless-so much so that all 5 of them have been used as settings for some of the classic love stories of the silver screen:

Paris, France:  Paris’ reputation as the “City of Love” has made it the city of choice for romantic flicks-think Last Tango in Paris, An American in Paris, and Gigi, among many, many others.

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