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US Passport Office Using Social Media to Interact with Public

President Barack Obama is quite possibly the nation's most technologically engaged president. Now, the US Department of State, the department in charge of the passport office, is following in his footsteps and using social media to forge a stronger connection with the public. For example, according to, the State Department is working with Howcast to create a digitial "town hall" for the 5th Summit of the Americas. The Summit takes place April 17th through the 19th in Trinidad and Tobago.  If you drop in on the 5th Summit of the Americas Digital Town Hall, you can submit questions for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton will answer selected questions from the site during a special live broadcast from the Dominican Republic that will take place tomorrow, April 17th.


US Passport Holders Cautioned About Travel To Mexico

Recently, the US Department of Stateissued a travel warning for American citizens regarding travel to Mexico. Our neighbor to the south has long been a popular vacation spot for Americans, but  some areas of the country have erupted into violence as drug cartels struggle for power over Mexican police forces and each other. The violence has prompted the Department of State to warn US citizens to use caution while traveling in Mexico. Here's an excerpt from the travel warning (for the full text of current warnings, go to the Department of State's website): It is imperative that travelers understand the risks of travel to Mexico, how best to avoid dangerous situations, and whom to contact if one becomes a crime victim.  Common-sense precautions such as visiting only legitimate business