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Military Passport Information for 2019: 5 Things You Need To Know Now

*Updated for 2019*

Every day, military families make sacrifices, large and small. Are you in the military? Is your spouse? The last thing you need is more hassles and headaches. So, here are 5 important things you need to know about military passport requirements in 2019.

Military Passports vs Tourist Passports

Are you being stationed overseas? You will actually need two types of passports.

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How to Change the Name on a Passport

Just married? Newly divorced? Whatever the story behind your new name, you need to make sure that the change is reflected on your passport. To avoid travel disruptions, the name on your ticket and passport should match.

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Can You Travel With an Expired Passport?

Imagine pulling out your passport right as you prepare for a trip, only to discover that it’s already expired.  As you scramble to figure out just what to do, you might find yourself wondering if you can travel with an expired passport.

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Passport Photos: Where to Get Them

No matter how camera-shy you are, if you want a US passport, you’ll need to smile and say cheese first. The passport photo is the number one reason for applications to be denied so it’s important you take the perfect passport photo.

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The passport expediting industry can be complex and hard to navigate. Reputation goes a long way when it comes to trusting a company with your vital documents like your birth certificate, marriage license, and any other required documents.

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