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Get an Expedited Passport to Visit Paris In September

Fall is already one of the best times of year to visit Paris. The air cool and the summer crowds have begun to die down. Even better, a series of outdoor festivals and events take place in the city and surrounding countryside starting in September. Here's a rundown on why this month is worth making the trip: The Techno Parade On September 17th, thousands of electronic music lovers will gather in Paris for a 3-mile-long parade through the city. Originally organized as an act of defiance against authorities that tried to quash the burgeoning rave scene of the 90's, the Techno Parade is now recognized by the government. This year, the focus is on introducing Parisians to this unique subculture and its signature dances. Tommy Vaudecrane, the co-president of parade organizer Technopol, t


Get an Expedited Passport to Watch the Tour De France

It's July 4th, and while most Americans are setting off fireworks,drinking beer and gorging themselves on hamburgers, hot dogs and potato chips, in France a very different scene is unfolding.  The Tour de France began today in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This grueling race will not end until July 23rd  in Bordeaux, France. During this time, according to Wikipedia, the riders will climb "the equivalent of three Everests."  Yikes! Is it worth it to travel to France to watch the Tour De France in person? That depends-some people feel that they can get a better view of the entire race by watching it on TV. While that may be true, according to former Tour de France spectator Mike from, "there's very little that compares to the thrill of being on a steep mou


Get an Express Passport to See Paris in the Spring

If you've ever wanted to visit Paris, why not go this spring? Yes, the whole "Paris in the springtime" thing is a bit of a cliche, but it really is one of the nicest seasons to visit.  The weather is mild, not hot like it gets in the summer, and it's also less crowded. Even better, you're more likely to be able to find a good price on a hotel room if you go now than you would in the summer. There are also lots of special events going on in Paris in the spring. For example, the Foire du Trône, which runs from late March to late April, is a fair packed with roller coasters, games and other fun activities for kids or the young at heart. Foire de Paris runs from late April to May and is a decidedly more grown-up affair, with opportunities for visitors to sample a variety of wines and reg