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Dual Passports: Getting a Passport From More Than One Country

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra passport? The New York Times has an article up about the advantages of getting a passport from more than one country.  Although traveling with more than one passport may seem sneaky, like something a spy would do, if you have dual nationality it’s perfectly legal. Getting a passport from more than one country allows you to pick and choose which customs lines you go through, and prevents you from having to advertise your nationality in places where it’s safer not to be an American. Plus, it can make it easier to live and work abroad.

How do you go about getting a second passport? According to the New York Times article referenced above, many American citizens qualify for dual nationality for one reason or another, including “ethnic heritage, religion, country of birth or where their spouse was born.” So, you may qualify for an additional passport without even knowing it!  If do you qualify, you should be aware that getting a passport from another country could subject you to additional obligations, too, including tax obligations and military service in some countries. However, in many cases you can secure an exemption as an American citizen.

Also, if you’re an American citizen, you still need a US passport to enter and leave the US. A foreign passport won’t work! When it comes to getting a US passport, you have two options. You can go through the US Passport Agency, or use a private expediting company. Although the US Passport Agency does offer expedited service for an additional fee, if you’re running on a tight schedule, a private passport expediter is your best bet. They can help you with all the necessary paperwork and ensure that you get your passport in  as little as 24 hours!

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6 Responses to “Dual Passports: Getting a Passport From More Than One Country”

  1. William Nichols

    I am a US citizen and US passport holder, intending to visit Israel in April 2010 and Iran/Uzbezistan in September on archaeological trips. I have been advised to get a second US passport for entry into Israel so that the entry stamp is not in my original passport. Can a second US passport be obtained for this reason?

  2. Andrew

    This is very true, muslim nations may reject your entrance if you have visited israel. You can simply ask israel not to stamp your passport while exiting the country

  3. Jack Sprinkauer

    William, yes that’s basically the reason why the US allows you to get a second passport.

  4. petros

    i am an Eritrean citizen and Eritrean passport holder the problem is those who living out side Eritrea we pay 2% of our income everey year which means we pay two diferent taxes one for the country we living and to Eritrean government to renew our passpor it’s how do we goneget get a second passport?

  5. chris

    yes i amanamerican citizen but i would like to visit other countries and would like to get a passport for another country.

  6. Alison Kroulek

    Hi Chris,

    You may be eligible for citizenship through another country, too, but all US citizens have to enter and leave the US on US passports. So, get your US passport first.

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