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If you are interested in adding an additional revenue stream to your website, could be the perfect affiliate.

If visitors to your website are likely to be traveling to destinations that require a U.S. passport, our affiliate program would work very well.

Some of our current affiliates are:

  • User-generated travel review sites
  • Travel blogs
  • Hotel and resorts web sites
  • Travel agents
  • Airports
  • Newspaper/TV site travel sections
  • Professional travel guides
  • Portals

Our Affiliate Program is managed by LinkShare and lets you incorporate links and banners on your website. The banners come in a variety of sizes, formats and creative executions so you can select (or test) the links that will work best for you.

Through LinkShare, affiliates are paid a 10% commission on a CPA basis to those affiliates who display links. Depending on the service selected through, the average fees are $225 generating approximately $10 to $30 per sale.

To get started, just visit LinkShare. Simply register to be an affiliate and sign-up for the program within LinkShare.

Any questions on our Affiliate Program can be directed to