Affiliate Program

If you are interested in adding an additional revenue stream to your website, could be the perfect affiliate.

Some of our current affiliates are:

Link Share
  • User-generated travel review sites
  • Travel blogs
  • Hotel and resorts web sites
  • Travel agents
  • Airports
  • Newspaper/TV site travel sections
  • Professional travel guides
  • Portals

Link Share

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Our Affiliate Program is managed by LinkShare and lets you incorporate links and banners on your website. The banners come in a variety of sizes, formats and creative executions so you can select (or test) the links that will work best for you.

Through LinkShare, affiliates are paid a 10% commission on a CPA basis to those affiliates who display links. Depending on the service selected through, the average fees are $225 generating approximately $10 to $30 per sale.

To get started, just visit LinkShare. Simply register to be an affiliate and sign-up for the program within LinkShare.

Any questions on our Affiliate Program can be directed

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